Christ Church, Colliers Wood

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Christ Church photographed on Easter Day, 2007

Seasons at Christ Church
In the Merton Priory Team we celebrate all the major festivals and seasonal occasions with special services.

Easter marks the end of the emptiness of Holy Saturday, and leads into the celebration of Christ's resurrection. Christian baptism is a participation in the death and resurrection of Christ, a dying to sin in order to be reborn in him, and the Easter Vigil was from early Christian times a preferred occasion for baptism. It is fittingly a time when those who are already Christians may repeat with renewed commitment the promises of their own baptism, and strengthen their sense of incorporation into the royal and priestly ministry of the whole people of God. The Easter Gospel is proclaimed with all the joy and splendour that the church can find. On Easter Day all the resources of the church – music, flowers, bells, colours – are used to celebrate Christ's resurrection. The 'Alleluia', which has been silent throughout Lent, returns.
Now the queen of seasons, bright
with the day of splendour,
with the royal feast of feasts,
comes its joy to render.
        [John of Damascus]

The Parish Diary showing all future events for the Merton Priory Team can be found here.