Christ Church, Colliers Wood

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Christ Church photographed on Easter Day, 2007


Music group

Christ Church has an enthusiastic ‘music group’. The group is made up from a number of musicians playing: piano, keyboard, flute, guitar, singers, and hand bells. Various combinations of instruments are used, largely dependent on who is available! The hand bells are particularly popular and slightly unusual for church music.

The music group plays at occasional services. We try to play a ‘jolly’ hymn or song during the All Age services (held on the last Sunday of each month). Sometimes we play a gentle instrumental piece during communion.

The objective of the group is to play music which might appeal to younger people. Sometimes the children join in by playing a variety of percussion instruments—a jolly if somewhat chaotic noise at times! The church organ is played routinely for services and the music group provides a contrast from time to time.

Anyone who can play an instrument to any standard is very welcome to join the group. We particularly need more wind instrument players and some strings. Practice sessions are held when needed, normally on a Sunday evening or before the Sunday morning service. Further details about the group can be obtained from Chris Stanley.