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Christ Church photographed on Easter Day, 2007


The financial picture

It's a shame that all churches—and Christ Church is no exception—always seem to be asking for money. But the sad fact is that money is a significant issue, because not only does Christ Church have to be self-supporting financially, it also shares a proportion of its income with the Diocese of Southwark under the Fairer Shares Scheme to support the work of parishes that are less well off.

The church therefore needs the committed giving of all its members to enable it to continue its work. Regular contributions to the offering plate are the most familiar method, but to allow the church to make budgeted plans for future spending (not least on maintenance of the building and grounds) it is especially helpful if offerings are made direct by regular Standing Order, whether weekly or monthly. This also helps the giver to ensure that offerings continue even on Sundays when they are not in church. Standing Order forms are available from the Treasurer.

Gift Aid
If you are a taxpayer and give regularly to the church, HM Revenue and Customs will add to your offerings if you complete a Gift Aid Declaration and hand it to our Treasurer or one of our church wardens. Please consider taking this simple step to increase the value of your giving.




Give as you spend

By clicking on the logo below (or on the home page) you will be taken to the Easyfundraising website. If you register there you can raise money (typically 2% of your spending) for Christ Church by selecting the church as your cause and then making your normal purchases through the site. If you get stuck, just ask for help.

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