Christ Church, Colliers Wood

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Serving in church
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Christ Church photographed on Easter Day, 2007


Serving in church

Christ Church needs more than just money for its work: it needs the personal contribution of time, talents and skills from its members.

Each year in April the Church elects from its members a council (the District Church Council or DCC, formerly the Parish Church Council or PCC) who meet monthly to take decisions on all matters concerning the Church. Serving this council and essential to its work are, a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Christ Church has a SPA (Southwark Pastoral Auxiliary) who has undertaken training and who works closely with the clergy in pastoral duties, including liaison with those who approach the church for services, and visits to the elderly or sick.

Two Church Wardens have multiple responsibilities. They have to try to support the Clergy in their work by arranging practical matters, and seeing that all is well. They should be present well before and after services, get to know what’s going on, and be responsible for the fabric and contents of the church.

Each Sunday people are needed to take a share in the service:
  • Welcomers to greet people as they arrive, and show a friendly face as they give out books and Service sheets.
  • Readers of the passages of the Bible for the day.
  • A person who will lead the congregation in prayer that day (Intercessor).
  • Two members of the congregation to take the wine and the bread to the altar for consecration.
  • Two or more people to hand round the plate for the offertory.
  • Trained Chalice assistants, who help with Communion.
  • Volunteers willing to do the clearing up after Services, help count the money and record figures, launder the altar linen, serve refreshments and wash up.
  • Each week someone has to: deal with bookings for the hall, and make arrangements for Weddings, Baptisms, etc.

    Often there are other jobs to do, such as:
  • Opening and closing the hall when there are parties booked.
  • Cleaning the Church.
  • Maintaining the building, doing minor repairs.
  • Arranging for necessary inspections or access for builders, etc.
  • Being present in Church to assist when there is a Wedding or a Funeral.
  • Picking up litter and keeping notices up to date.…